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Established in 1999, GBJG is an organization dedicated to providing our local youth with a HEALTHY, COMPETITIVE, CHALLENGING, and CONSTRUCTIVE athletic experience. Our goal is to provide our children w/ the skills required to succeed both athletically and academically in High School and throughout their life. Our adult volunteers are trained and mentored by the GBHS Football and Cheer coaching staffs and our youth instructors are members of the GBHS Football and Cheer teams. Our Board of Directors is made up of very hard working volunteers who are responsible, professional, dedicated and caring adults from the local Granite Bay community who make every decision with the kids as the #1 priority.

Oversight of our Football Program is provided by the GBJG President and is staffed by volunteer coaches who receive several months of training from the GBHS Football staff in philosophies, strategies, fundamentals, and techniques. This has translated into numerous division and conference championships, a very high retention rate of players, and continuing excellence in our High School program. The GBHS Football Program is one of the most outstanding & successful high school football programs in the area and we benefit greatly from the guidance and support of the GBHS coaching staff.

Our Cheer Program is lead by the Cheer Coordinator and is staffed by volunteer coaches who share a passion w/ the GBHS program to compete at the highest level, provide the girls with tremendous self confidence, and teach them to achieve more then they ever dreamed possible. Our youth instructors are members of the nationally competitive GBHS Cheer squad and the instruction they provide has resulted in numerous conference and SYFC/NCSA TOC championships and is unmatched in this region.

GBJG is dedicated to the youth of our community and we thank our GBJG family for all the tremendous support the organization receives. If you aren't already a family member we look forward to welcoming you very soon!

GBJG Mission Statement

Junior Grizzly Football & Cheer are committed to excellence: motivating and challenging participants through a partnership of players, cheerleaders, coaches, parents, and community. Success for our young people will be defined as the self-satisfaction in knowing they have done the best that they are capable of doing. Our program will always be about players and not plays; we want to build them up at all times. We will create and nurture an atmosphere where our players understand that hard work, with a little fun mixed in, and a positive attitude are the keys to success; there are no gimmicks or shortcuts.
Guiding Principles

Football is a game of courage. A coach can do one of two things. He can encourage and nurture his players, or he can discourage and diminish what courage the players already possess. In Jr. Grizzly Football, we will encourage players and help them develop a courageous approach to life.
Football will always be about blocking and tackling. These basic techniques will be part of every practice. Ball handling and block protection will also be emphasized daily. It is the goal of GBJG to be the most fundamentally sound team on the field each week.
The "Fly" Offense will be the base offense for Jr. Grizzly Football. Our players will believe the "Fly" is something special and will have a great foundation as they move on to the high school level.

In Jr. Grizzly Cheer, team work will be stressed, as well as the fundamentals of cheerleading. Jr. Grizzly Football & Cheer will lay the foundation for "Green Machine Magic." The community has embraced GBJG football and cheer. The players, cheerleaders, coaches, and parents will feel like they are part of something important and special.

GBJG coaches and parents will always model and teach integrity, respect and class in our program, on and off the field.
In GBJG, the cheer and football programs will support each other and recognize the importance of each program in the development of our "Jr. Grizzlies."
“It's a Great Day To Be a Grizzly”. This is the Grizzly motto, and it means let's have fun playing this great game called football, and participating in cheerleading. Do your best and don’t sweat the rest.

We are dedicated to developing a well rounded athlete by enhancing the physical abilities of agility, power, speed, finesse, rhythm and total coordination. We will improve the mental fortitude through discipline, focus, desire, and effort and tie it all together through teamwork, fundamentals, accountability, and of course all of this will lead to plenty of fun.
We are dedicated to supporting and representing our community and this is a critical aspect of our organization's overall success. We will support our community by participating in local events, promoting local vendors, and teaching our kids to be good citizens. We will represent our community by showing respect for other organizations, showing class on the home field and away, emanating unity and pride in Granite Bay.


We are strongly dedicated to all our kids maintaining a proper life balance between athletics and academics. At a minimum our kids must maintain a 2.0 GPA and we offer awards and recognition for all who excel in the classroom. We provide our kids with tools that help them be successful in school, such as; mental fortitude, effort, discipline, respect, focus, teamwork, accountability, pride, and success through fun.
Academic Goals

The GBJG program supports an academic policy requiring the student/athletes to perform in the classroom as well as on the field. Each participant must maintain an acceptable grade point average (minimum 2.0 or "C") and complete all assigned homework to be eligible to play in a game. If a participant does not satisfy our grade requirements, then they may not be eligible to participate in the 2017 season. In an effort to monitor this requirement, coaches may provide a form to the participant to take to school in order to allow teachers to provide a grade check at different times during the season. We would ask that parents support this effort in order to encourage academic success for every child.

We strive to be outstanding citizens at all times. Our parents show respect for others and respect for rules and property. Our kids show respect for other organizations' players and cheerleaders, rules, facilities, coaches & parents, officials, and the game itself. Respect is a core value of GBJG.

We learn and excel through teamwork. Both Cheer and Football require individual accountability in a team environment. Our program models how to have respect for your teammates & coaches, how to show and feel unity, how to work together to accomplish a common goal, and how difficult it is to coordinate so many pieces, and the success you can achieve when you learn to work as one.

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